Use custom groups in your user defined groups from SIMS using the API integration

There are two possible ways that your Firefly Cloud Uploader may be connected to SIMS:

  • Via the SIMS SQLKeyring

  • Via the SIMS APIKeyring

To use custom groups in SIMS, you must be hosted on the Firefly Cloud and use the SIMS APIKeyring. If you need to change the keyring, please read how to set up the cloud uploader for SIMS.

If you're not sure which connection type you are using or would like some help, please contact our support team.

Editing the apikeyring.config file

  1. Once you have the SIMS APIKeyring connected, open your apikeyring.config file and add:


Creating custom groups

Firefly will only use custom groups that are named with a whitelisted keyword. The default keyword is "CustomGroup:". All groups named with the whitelist keyword will be visible in Firefly, whether they are private or public custom groups in SIMS.

  1. In the SIMS GUI, choose Focus Groups User defined groups.

  2. Choose Search and select groups with "Current" numbers greater than 0 (empty groups will not be pulled).

  3. Double select the name of the group and add "CustomGroup:" to the Group Description. (eg. "CustomGroup:Athletics Team"). 

To run the Cloud Uploader to check if the group is showing up in Firefly, run "FireflyCloudUploader.exe principals relations".

Configuring the whitelist keyword

The whitelist keyword can be changed to one of your choosing.

  1. Add following line to apikeyring.config:

  2. Follow the previous steps using "KEYWORD" instead of "CustomGroup:" accordingly.

Using SIMS custom groups in Firefly requires that your cloud uploader has been set up.