During the lifecycle of your Firefly setup/site there may be times when you choose to change the underlying infrastructure.

For example you may change or upgrade your Active Directory Domain, replace server hardware, or choose to move to a new MIS system. A change of this nature requires that all Firefly users must be re-mapped from identities in the old system to their corresponding new ones. In order to maintain the integrity of your Firefly data and avoid disruption, it is important that you contact us prior to these changes being made. Typically, we'll need to schedule a consultation with you ahead of time to lay out the timeframe, as well as the tasks and responsibilities of both parties so as to ensure success. One of our team members will work with you and offer guidance on the correct migration procedure.

This type of migration work is not covered by your Firefly Support Agreement and is chargeable. Scheduling during school holidays and giving plenty of notice allows us to make this as affordable as possible and with minimal disruption.