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Submitting work

Send your teacher a file in response to a task.

  1. In the main navigation bar, select Tasks.

  2. Choose a task.

  3. Select Send a File.

  4. Attach your work:

    • To attach a file, choose Attach File, then choose Attach File from Computer, Attach File from Google Drive, or Attach File from OneDrive.

    In this example, I'm going to attach a file from my computer.

  5. Choose your file(s).

    You can attach up to 10 files to a single task.

  6. Select Send file.

    Once you've attached a file to a task, you can't remove it, so make sure you are attaching the final version of your work!

  7. OPTIONAL If your task has questions, select Complete the Questions.

  8. A window of your questions will appear. Answer the questions then select Submit and Mark as Done.

The task history is updated with a link to your file(s). 

Note: You can’t submit work to tasks from Google Classroom or Teams tasks within Firefly. If you select a task from Google Classroom or Teams a new tab will open showing the task in Google Classroom or Teams where you can submit your work.

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