Before you start it helps to understand that whenever you create a new message (usually known as a publication) you are not just sending parents an email (or text), but you are also creating an entry in a private online ‘mailbox’ or ‘webspace’ for each parent. This may also be integrated with a parent portal, depending on your specific configuration. 

  • Even if parents lose or miss an email they can always log on to view a complete history of all their messages from the school – they do not need to ask you to re-send a message 
  • The system logs views on messages and attachments, so you can view reports of exactly who has or has not downloaded a particular document 
  • You can attach web-based reply forms to your messages so that parents can easily reply, and then you can download all of those replies into a spreadsheet for easy sorting 
  • You can use the system to send sensitive documents such as reports as they are encrypted and stored on a secure web server