‘Reference publications’ is an optional section which allows you to publish reference documents and information within a ‘folder’ or ‘category’ structure. Parents (or other users) then see an additional section underneath their ‘mailbox’ within which they can browse these publications by opening and closing the folders. If this section is enabled in your system you will see it in the Main menu beneath the Publications section; If not visible and you would like to try it please let us know.

Differences between ‘Reference publications’ and other publications

Reference publications are created in much the same way as standard publications and can be targeted to specific recipients in all the same ways (by group, individual, account type etc. to control who sees each individual publication). Parents only see the folders and sub-folders which contain publications of which they are a recipient. They differ from other publications in the following ways:

  • Reference publications do not send emails (or text messages) – they are intended as reference material for parents to view when logged in to the system.

  • They include a ‘Categories’ field which you use to determine which folders/categories they show in.

  • Who sees them updates automatically when groups/sets change – so if you use them to publish year group-specific information (like recommended reading lists for example, or different extra-curricular info or policies for different years or sections) the year(s) which a parent can see will move up one automatically when your data set rolls on a year during the summer.

  • It is possible to mark a reference publication as ‘Public’ and then link to it from your school’s website or elsewhere (contact us for the URL format to use if you want to set this up).