In SchoolPost a ‘publication’ is a communication which goes out as an email, but we call it a ‘publication’ instead of an email because:

  • The content also automatically goes into the online message history for every recipient
  • There may be more to it than simply the email content, for example an attached form
  • It may become part of a daily or weekly consolidated email instead of going out as an individual email
Publications are the core of the SchoolPost system, providing email content and the online message history for parents, and giving staff access to logs and reply data relating to each publication.

Viewing your publications

Main Menu > Publications

This section allows you to see all of your existing (both past and future) publications. ‘Publisher (approver)’ and ‘Administrator’ accounts may also see all other users’ publications by un-ticking the ‘My publications’ box.

Note the partial orange colouring for the status of the first message, indicating that is  is ‘published’ and ready to go, but will not actually be sent until the time/time slot shown.