Epraise, the leading student motivation platform, has always been a great place to encourage students to get involved, with the ability to advertise clubs and events both in and out of the classroom. This February, we’re launching our new Activities add-on, which builds on this great functionality, with a number of new features that make organising, managing and analysing your Extracurricular activities a breeze.

The first thing we’ve done, is to make it really easy to access your favourite classroom tools for your activities. Want to draw up a new 2-3-5 formation for your football team, check key student data or log player performance? Our seating plans, datasheets and marksheets are perfect and will now appear alongside the activity details. You can also now schedule a date for activities to go live for bookings.

Next, those subscribing to our activities add-on will be able to activate Fixtures. This neat new feature will allow you to plan out your matches and other events outside your normal training schedule and share these details with students and parents. You can also create a team sheet for each fixture, so students and parents always know which fixtures they should prepare for. After a fixture has been played, you can then record and share the outcome and score.

Recording attendance for activities is now really easy if you use our activities add-on. Simply go to the attendance tab within any activity and mark students as appropriate. This works for all activities; one-off, weekly, fortnightly and even the new fixtures you’ve created.

Finally, our new activities add-on will give school leaders much more insight into how extra curricular activities are being enjoyed across the school. Analyse take-up and attendance across year groups and individuals to ensure that your school’s offering is best meeting the needs of your students.

We’re very excited to see the impact these new features will have in schools. If you’d like to learn more or arrange a short demonstration please get in touch!