Review messages sent to you by teachers

  1. When you log into your Firefly Parent app, you will see a component on the main screen for your messages. It will inform you of the number of unread messages you have, but will also state ‘No Messages to read’ if you have no unread messages. You can click on this component to access your messages page in the app. Alternatively you can click More and tap Messages.

    A notification on top of the dashboard will inform you on how many unread messages you have. The notification will disappear once you have read them.

  2. You will automatically be directed to your Inbox. Your Messages will be displayed, and you will be able to scroll through the past 30 days of message activity. Select a message to view.

    Any unread messages will appear as blue text. Once they've been read it appears as black text. 
  3. To archive a message, swipe left on the message.

  4. Archived messages now appear in the Archive section. If you accidentally archived a message, you can send to back to the inbox by swiping left.

    If your school has the latest version of the Parent Portal you can click on any message to view it in full. This will direct you to your main inbox, opening up that specific message. Here, you can move around your messaging system. You can return to the main screen of the Firefly Parent app at any time through clicking back.

    Turn on push notifications to see a preview of messages sent to you by teachers.