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Bookmarks (iOS)

Access your personal and recommended bookmarks on the go.

  1. In the tab bar, select Bookmarks.

    A notification on top of the dashboard will inform you on how many recommended bookmarks you have yet to open. The notification will disappear once you have read them.

  2. You will automatically be directed to your Recommended bookmarks. Select a bookmark to review.

    Any unread bookmarks will appear as blue text. Once they've been read it appear as black text. 

    Forms that have been sent to you to complete will read as TO DO.

  3. To go back to your bookmarks, select Back.

  4. To review your personal bookmarks, select Personal.

    To bookmark your favourite pages, you will need to do that through Firefly for Parents on the web. Then you will be able to easily access them through the app.

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